Privacy Policy

Les Bellugues Hotel pays special attention to compliance with the general data protection regulation and takes care that users can be easily informed on the issue through its Website and its various communication media.


Customer: Any natural person capable of exercising their rights within the meaning of articles 1123 et seq of the Civil Code or legal person who visits the website, the subject of the present general terms and conditions.

Benefits and services made available to customers by Les Bellugues Hotel.

Content: the elements making up the information as a whole on the Website, especially texts – images – videos.

Customer information: hereafter defined as “Information”, corresponds to all personal data likely to be held by Les Bellugues Hotel for customer relationship management (CRM) and for the purposes of analysis and statistics.

User: Internet surfer who connects to and uses the above-mentioned site.

Personal information: “Information that enables, by any method whatsoever, directly or indirectly, the identification of the natural persons to whom it applies” (Article 4 of Act n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978). The meaning of terms “personal data”, “person involved”, “subcontractor” and “sensitive data” are defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: n° 2016-679) (RGPD in French).

Persons responsible for the collection of personal data

With regard to personal data collected within the framework of User browsing on Website, the entity responsible for the processing of Personal data is Les Bellugues Hotel, represented by its legal agent.

By virtue of its responsibility for the processing of the data it collects, Les Bellugues Hotel undertakes to comply with current legal provisions as a whole. It is particularly incumbent upon it to set out the purposes of its data processing, to supply its current and prospective customers, based on their consent, with full information on the processing of their personal data and to keep an accurate register of the said processing.

Les Bellugues Hotel takes all reasonable measures to make sure of the accuracy and relevance of Personal Data in respect of the purposes of its being processed.

Purposes of collected data

Les Bellugues Hotel is likely to process all or part of data:

to enable browsing on the Site, management and traceability of user benefits and services: Site connection and usage data …

  • to prevent and control computer fraud (spamming, hacking…): IT equipment used for browsing, IP addresses, passwords
  • to improve browsing on the Site: connection and usage data
  • to carry out optional satisfaction surveys on email address
  • to carry out communication campaigns (SMS, messaging) : telephone number, email address

Les Bellugues Hotel does not use your personal data commercially: it is used solely by necessity for statistical or analytical purposes

Access, amendment and deletion rights

In compliance with current European regulations, users of Website have the following rights:

  • the right of access (article 15 GDPR) and of amendment (article 16 GDPR), to updates, to completeness of User data, to the blocking or erasing of personal user data (article 17 GDPR), when they are inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, outdated or whose collection, use, communication or filing is prohibited
  • the right to withdraw a consent at any time (article 13-2c GDPR)
  • the right to limit the processing of User data (article 18 GDPR)
  • the right to block the processing of User data (article 18 GDPR)
  • the right to portability of data that Users will have provided when those data have undergone automated processing subject to their consent or a contract (article 20 GDPR)
  • the right to define the fate of Users’ data after their death and to choose to whom Les Bellugues Hotel should transmit (or not) their data to a third party that they will have designated beforehand.
  • As soon as Les Bellugues Hotel has been informed of the decease of any User and failing instructions from them, Les Bellugues Hotel undertakes to destroy their data, except where their storage proves necessary for purposes of proof or to meet legal obligations. in the event of Users wishing to know how Les Bellugues Hotel uses their Personal Data, to request their amendment or block their processing, Users can contact Les Bellugues Hotel by means of the form provided for that purpose.

Requests for the deletion of personal Data shall be subject to the obligations that are imposed by law on Les Bellugues Hotel, especially in matters of storage or archiving of documents. Finally, users of Website can submit complaints to supervisory authorities and especially to CNIL (in France).

Non-communication of personal data

Les Bellugues Hotel undertakes not to process, host or transfer information collected on its Customers for the benefit of a nation outside of the European Union or acknowledged as “inadequate” by the European Commission without informing customers beforehand of same. For all that, Les Bellugues Hotel remains free to choose its technical and commercial subcontractors provided that they provide sufficient guarantees with regard to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: n° 2016-679).

Les Bellugues Hotel undertakes to take all necessary precautions to safeguard the security of information and especially that it should not be transmitted to unauthorized persons. However, if any incident affecting the integrity or privacy of Customer information were to be known by Les Bellugues Hotel, the latter shall, as soon as possible, so inform Customers and inform them of corrective measures that have been taken. Furthermore, Les Bellugues Hotel collects no “sensitive data”.

User Personal Data can be processed by Les Bellugues Hotel subsidiaries and subcontractors (service providers) with the sole aim of executing the purposes of the present policy.

Within the limits of their respective attributions and for the purposes reminded above, the main persons likely to have access to User data are mainly agents of our customer service and distributors of the Les Bellugues Hotel network.

Types of collected data

What is more, Les Bellugues Hotel collects information enabling improvements to user experience and commercial relationships with its customers.

These data are stored for a maximum period of 36 months after the end of the contractual relationship.

Incident notification

Whatever efforts are made, no online transmission method or electronic storage method is 100% secure. Consequently, we are unable to guarantee absolute security. In cases where we are made aware of security breaches, we would avert the involved users to enable them to take appropriate action.

Our incident notification procedures take account of our legal obligations whether they be at national or European level. We undertake to fully inform our customers of any issues in respect of the security of their accounts and provide them all necessary information to help them comply with their own regulatory reporting obligations.

No user personal information on is published without the knowledge of the user, neither is it exchanged, transferred or sold via any medium whatsoever to third parties. Only the hypothesis of buyback by Les Bellugues Hotel and of its rights would allow the transmission of the said information to possible purchasers who would in turn be bound by the same obligation of storage and modification of data in relation to users of site


To ensure the security and privacy of Personal Data, Les Bellugues Hotel uses networks protected by standard systems such as firewall, pseudonymisation, cryptage and password.

When Personal Data are processed, Les Bellugues Hotel takes all reasonable measures to protect them from any loss, fraudulent use, unauthorized access, divulgation, corruption or destruction.


“Cookies” are small information files transmitted via Users’ browsers and registered on Users’ terminals (e.g. computers, smartphones), (hereafter referred to as “Cookies”). The said files include information such as the names of Users’ domains, Users’ Internet access providerq, Users’ operating systems together with dates and times of access. Cookies do not cause any harm to the Users’s terminal.

Les Bellugues Hotel is likely to process User information in respect of Users’ visits to the Website, such as the pages viewed and searches carried out. This information enables Les Bellugues Hotel to improve Site content and User browsing.

As Cookies facilitate browsing and/or the provision of services proposed by the Site, Users can configure their browsers so that they can decide whether they wish or not to accept them in such a way as the Cookies are registered on the terminals or, on the contrary, are rejected either systematically or depending on the issuer. Users can also configure their browser software in such a way as the acceptance or refusal of Cookies is proposed on a one-off basis, before Cookies are likely to be registered on their terminals. informs Users that in such cases it could happen that not all the application features of their browser software are available.

If Users refuse the registration of Cookies on their terminals or browsers, or if Users erase those that are registered thereon, they are informed that their browsing and experience on the Website could be restricted. That could also be the case where or one of its service providers is unable to recognize, for the purpose of compatibility, the type of browser used by the terminals, the language and display settings or the country from which terminals would seem to be connected to the Web.

When such cases arise, Les Bellugues Hotel declines all liability for consequences associated with the downgraded running of the Website and of possible services proposed by Les Bellugues Hotel, as a result (i) of the refusal of Cookies by Users (ii) of the impossibility for Les Bellugues Hotel to register or review the Cookies necessary for them to function due to Users’ choices. As for the management of Cookies and of Users’ choices, there is a difference of configuration between browsers. It is set out in the browser’s Help menu that will enable users to know how they can modify their requirements for the question of Cookies.

Users can at any time choose to signal and modify their requirements for the question of Cookies. Les Bellugues Hotel could moreover call upon the services of external providers to help it gather and process the information described in this section.

Lastly, by clicking the icons dedicated to the social networks of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus shown on the Website or on their mobile applications and if Users have accepted the receipt of cookies, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus, by dint of users continuing their browsing on Website, can also place cookies on user terminals (computers, tablets, portable telephones).

These types of cookies are placed on user terminals on condition that they consent thereto by virtue of continuing to browse on Website Users can, nevertheless, at any time withdraw their consent to Les Bellugues Hotel placing these types of cookies.

Internet tags

Les Bellugues Hotel can ocasionally make use of internet tags (also designated action tags, single pixel gifs, clear gifs, invisible gifs and 1-by-1 gifs) and deploy them through the intermediary of a Web analytics specialist partner likely to be based (and therefore to store the corresponding information, including Users’ IP addresses) in a foreign country.

These tags are placed both in online adverts enabling Web surfers to access the Site and on the various pages of the latter.

This technology enables Les Bellugues Hotel to appraise visitors’ responses on the Site and the efficacy of their actions (for instance, the number of times a page is opened and the information consulted) along with the use made of this Site by Users.

The extrenal service provider could possibly gather information on visitors to the Site and other Websites by means of these tags, draw up reports on the activity of the Site for the attention of Les Bellugues Hotel, and supply other services relative to the use of the latter and of the Internet.

Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction

Any litigation related to the use of Website is subject to French law. Except where forbidden by the law, litigation shall come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts.