Hotel Les Bellugues**

Welcome to “Hotel Les Bellugues**” which was a former silk factory in the heart of Saint Jean du Gard. The comfortable rooms allow our guests to enjoy a restful stay and recharge their batteries.

Relaxing in the garden, planted with bamboo and palm trees that evoke the atmosphere of the nearby “Bambouseraie”, swimming in the heated pool from April to October, or even enjoying a massage, will definitely convince you to stay longer.

The “Hotel Les Bellugues” is an ideal place from which to discover the Cevennes, as RL Stevenson, author of “Treasure Island”, did travelling by donkey, or by just swimming in the clear water of the Gardon river.

Private parking is available (in addition covered parking for motor bikes and bicycles).


The former spinning

The former spinning mill

In the 19th century, Saint Jean du Gard enjoyed prosperity through silk production and the textile industry. The building that hosts the “Hotel Les Bellugues” dates back to 1882, and was one of the last silk factories built in Saint Jean-du-Gard.

Known as “La Neuve” or “Louis Boudon”, the factory began service in 1883. It witnessed the introduction of electricity shortly after 1900, and the arrival of electric motors in 1920. The factory operated until 1957, under the management of the last directors of the nearby Red House, on behalf of the Indochinese silk company, which was based in Lyon.

It became a store room for a few decades, before being transformed into a hotel at the beginning of the 1990s by the owners of the Restaurant Les Bellugues. The factory kept its exterior appearance and took on the name “Hotel Les Bellugues”.
The building is part of the General Inventory of cultural heritage.